Our Solutions

IconiTrax offers best-in-class methods in workforce strategy, knowledge management, process optimization, performance measurement and quality/regulatory management. With a reputation for integrity, commitment and hard work, we’ve enjoyed a twenty-year track record of tactical and strategic implementation, to truly achieve our clients objectives.

 We  provide a wide range of hands-on experience in; international development, business development services, SME and NGO development and business management

 IconiTrax believes that every decision is an opportunity to positively affect your business.

IconiTrax expands your options at the point of opportunity by allowing you to add depth of experience and proven leadership – to do what is right for your organization, with minimal disruption to your people and existing systems.

IconiTrax does not adhere to the age-old business services model in which a senior partner sells the work and a junior consultant goes out to deliver on senior – partner promises. We are, each of us, seasoned project leaders capable of driving efficient, complex projects from beginning to end.   A better value? We think so.

As a rule, we don’t start a project without knowing where and how it ends. What makes the difference: Seasoned project leadership for complex problems, generating measurable results and a unique value by combining our depth of experience with your client side resources.

You’ll judge the value of our contribution by looking at what we (you and us) accomplish for your business and realizing that it happened better and faster with our help  in other words, it made good business sense